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my name is monica damaris nuņez rondon,

born on 17 April 1997, at the clinic limonar of Ibague Tolima,

now I have 15 years and favorite food is beans

this is my family, my mom called LUZ AMPARO RONDON ,

and my ppa is called HERMES AUGUSTO NUŅEZ BARRIOS and

I have three brothers in this photobut not more aparcen two that most .

were working, they are the people I love most and I have the most

beautiful family in the world.

in this picture I find my pet which called pepe has 6 months of life is

black and white is apparently something strange because my pet is a

goat but ami I like and what I love.

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my name is pepe six months old I have a goat am very affectionate and

very playful, I'm white and black and my favorite foods are corn meal

and salt.

this I am here with my best friends and they are also my cousins ??in

place of the taking of this photograph was the first community in the

smallest premium photo.

What I like to do is ride cycles almost every afternoon I go out with my

brother and my mom to ride haci cyclized Bloo we lasted for about

two hours on bike.

I want to study when school is out of my head nurse but if you can

medicine is a career that really catches my attention but mostly I like

is I wish I could dream come true.

in this we see a photo of the University of Tolima, because I want to study there

I think a large university and good,but was also to go to farewell because I think

I can fulfill my achievements have to be a great teacher and be able to teach children

how importantit is to study and catch them on the path of good

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